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This style is characerized by patterned background pages in the theme for the page or type of book, titles and expressions in varying colors and fonts, and heavy use of embellishments.

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babies & children
Girls Weekend Memory Book - Memories of the fun of a girls weekend

The Lin Family 2010 - A year of memories for the family of twin daughters


Dad's 80th Birthday - view book

Norcross Stroller Rollers Playgroup Membership directory - view book

A Day at the Zoo - The extended family heads to the Buffalo Zoo.

Four Silly Sisters - A photographic look at four girls who are four years old.

My Daddy, My Hero - A photobook celebrating the love of a Navy father who is deployed in Iraq for his son who is home and missing his Daddy. - view book

The Lin Twins 2008 - A year in pictures of the Lin Twins.

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The Reeves Quadruplets 1st Birthday Party

Family Reunion

My Sister, My Friend - Jenny then and Now

Happy Mothers Day! - view book

Mom's 50th Birthday - view book

A Celebration of Carol - view book

We Miss Mom! - view book

Re-Imagined Traditional Scrapbook - view book

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