Do you have boxes of photos and memorabilia just sitting in a closet? A memory card or computer full of pictures youíve never printed out? Or have tried to make a scrapbook, but it turned out messy and cluttered? If so, let Scrapbook Mamma bring your precious moments to life.

Since 2007, Scrapbook Mamma has been helping people turn their stored photos into personalized digital photo books and scrapbooks.

As one of the winners of the 2009 Leading Moms in Business, these digital photo books and scrapbooks are anything but ordinary. Gone are the days of messy, cluttered pages. By using digital quality items, you will find your personalized scrapbook to be a modern work of art and beautiful enough to be used as coffee table book for your friends and family to enjoy. This isnít your grandmotherís scrapbook!
How Do I Get Started?
Send us your digital or print photos (print photos will be scanned and even put on CD for you). Next weíll do the most important step, listen. Starting with a blank page, you have the ability to customize your book from A to Z. You choose the color, size, shape of your book, and add as many or as little embellishments as you like to your scrapbook layouts. However, if youíre not quite sure what you want, we can share our wealth of design ideas to help you along.

What Types of Books Can I Make?
Hereís the great part, you can make books from any memorable moment. The most popular books are: baby books, wedding scrapbooks, vacation scrapbooks, birthday party scrapbooks, and travel photo books.

Our scrapbooks also make great gifts. By using Scrapbook Mamma, you never have to rack your brain on the perfect Christmas gifts for your family, wedding gifts or birthday gifts. This is an ideal personalized gift for all of your loved ones for all occasions.

Can I Order Several Copies Of My Book?
Absolutely! Your custom made scrapbook can be duplicated for everyone to enjoy. This is especially useful for creating books for a large group such as a family reunion, class reunion, wedding parties, home school or sports team yearbook, or even highlighting corporate events and retreats.

What If I Donít Have the Pictures?
Scrapbook Mamma also offers gift certificates. Buy monetary gift certificates in any amount, or purchase a gift certificate for a customized photo book.

Order your one-of-a-kind scrapbook or gift certificate today!
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